Party Treasure

A place for Christine to track treasure gained.

Each Person – Scale of Terendelev

Torn Bedroll
3 partial candles (30 minutes each)
bent fishhook
10 feet of frayed hemp rope
7 days trail rations
Flint and Steel
Caltrops x2
Flask of Oil x2
Normal arrows x12

Wrath of righteous loot list
1 potion of cure light wounds
masterwork longbow
20 arrows
obsidian holy symbol of bahemoth
hand crosbow
chain shirt
longsword,dagger, unholy symbol of baphomet necklace
2 scrolls (cause fear and comp languages)
Vial of Unholy water

regular dagger
1 potion of cure mod
tangle clip bag
chain shirt
masterwork glaive
non magical vial
bejeweled book of prayer devoteD to baphomet
wand of spritual weapon 7
WANd of long stider 10 (10% SPEED spell last 3 hours)
bracer holding of 3 potion
potent dwarven ale-each of the 20 bottles is worth 150 gp.

expensive pair of vases worth 250 gp each,
silver coffer worth 350 gp,
nine garnets worth 100 gp each
pearl worth 500 gp each,
three garnets worth 250 gp each,
eight amethysts worth 100 gp each,
12 agates worth 50 gp each,
silver candelabra worth 75 gp,
gold signet ring worth 50 gp

Dragon Hoard:

potion of bless weapon (100 gp)
fallow-colored burning/biting odor/taste viscous, translucent appearance
potion of darkvision (300 gp) purple-colored earthy odor/taste watery, opaque appearance
potion of levitate (300 gp)
purple-colored dusty odor/taste watery, cloudy appearance
arcane (25 gp) Reduce Person (l1, cl1)
arcane (400 gp) Lightning Bolt (l3, cl5) Burning Hands (l1, cl1)
arcane (175 gp) Minor Image (l2, cl3) Reduce Person (l1, cl1)
divine (525 gp) Barkskin (l2, cl3) Stone Shape (l3, cl5)
divine (25 gp) Magic Fang (l1, cl1)
Magic Missile (l1, cl1) (33 charges) (495 gp)

2 small star ruby gems worth 1,550 gp
Sapphire worth 100 gp

Party Treasure

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