The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 17

So this journal entry is an accounting of traveling through the citadel itself. I’m losing what to say after fighting fighting and more fighting. What is there to say? We fight, the upper floor, we fight most of it at one time. When the fighting is over, we go to where the Banner used to be stored. Is the banner there? No. We move on, why? we’re rushed, we must have the banner before reinforcements arrive, so that the demons can not teleport in. We hurry on, we find a way down.

Then things change, Phanesia remembers being here, remembers being mistreated. We find a short, maybe that is a relative term, little area where people are/were jailed, and this sparks more from her. There is a secret passage somewhere and eventually we find it.

The secret passage is opened and we find a forge that is made to corrupt items of good. Wow it is hot, some of our members jump to the floor to engage in combat, and they are getting burned, I stay up top and do what I can. It’s good to Aveline back with us, helping to fight, still a little unsure of herself, but she does well.

We move on and encounter a dragon, not in dragon form, and we run, Phanesia tells us to and she holds it off long enough for us to get away and continue onward.

Finally we find the banner, and the creature guarding it, who is a mythic demon on some kind. She attacks everyone slowing them down, but me. Well she attacks me and slows me a little bit I manage to grab the banner, use some of my won mythic energy and display the banner. With that the fight ends, the army arrives. And we are out, maybe a couple days of not fighting?



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