The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 16

Entering the City

Today we march into the city proper. As soon as we do we have several problems that need solved. We have to clear the southside, that’s a job for the army, which other than being successful but taking three days there is not much to report, at least it is a place to staff our troops. We find some prisoners and refugees, whom we augment our forces and losses with. Eventually over the course of the week we take the whole south side and just leave a small enemy force on the hill. We’ll get back to that. Let’s cover what we got called to do.

We go to a cemetery that even the demons don’t want to be a part of. We find out that things from the cemetery eat demons or anything, so that from time to time they allow prisoners and less savory people to the enemy army to walk in the area, so that they can get taken rather than anyone of importance.

We find this one giant mausoleum and that’s what everyone is afraid of. So we approach, and inside we find like some giant special ghoul or some type of undead, that has special powers. Which includes fear. I ran, not for long, but I ran, however Poor Donal Ran, and ran, and ran. Maybe the realm he comes from, if that is truly what happened to him, the court is still out on that, maybe they have nothing so horrible. In that sense it would be nice to think that there is a world where the horrors aren’t so, well, horrible. We manage to fight the thing and defeat it, then the crypt needed consecrated, and we could go about or business. When we get back, we rest, we check on the troops that are still capturing the south side which I wrote about above, and we have a new task for the next day.

The need to capture the only bridge to the main castle where the banner is likely to be kept. The problem: 4 demonic bulls that are tied to some chains to pull the supports down and crash the only bridge, preventing our troops from assaulting the citadel. We come up with a plan and are going to attack all 4 bulls at once. We have it worked out, and then Donal decides he needs to go with me. What does he need to go with me for? I don’t really know him from a hole in the wall, other than he appeared in Ravenloft and somehow came back with us. He tried to come with me and split Phanesia and I up. Eventually our original plan stuck and we make the attack. The bulls dead, we deal with the troops above on the bridge, and eventually we defeat those too. I had a charming little fly, attracting everyone’s attention, and then ducking back under the bridge, leaving the enemy distracted and our friendlies being able to attack much easier. The whole group did a good job. We regroup and figure out our next plan.

Well out next plan is for the army to spirit us to the citiadel and get us inside to find the banner! I’ll end this entry at them spiriting us inside and retreating.



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