The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 8
Day 10

Players Present: Lady Jenna,Aveline, Ducky (Avallac’h), Sergio
Players Absent: Volgrim

We had 2 days of rest, and preparation since our last foray. In that time I managed to turn the platinum I had and the gold and other trinkets, into a headband to help me better able to cast spells.

So our next mission is to go stop some Lieutenant named Vermalek who is left in the city. Our mission for this night is only a preparation for dealing with him. There is a holiday called Christmas where an old man would bring presents to those children in need. It seems that something has happened and a pair of demons guarding a door to a building we must assault, has stolen this tradition as well as the dressing up in some red suit. Our Mission is to stop the 2 dressed up door guards.

We’re getting ready to leave and who do we find but Horgus and he has christmas presents for each of us. We take our gifts and head out for our mission. The others at the Defenders heart drag off most of the defenders leaving us just having to fight the two main demons, Vermleks.

We approach, and take on the Vermleks but once blows the whistle, bringing out many other guards. All corrupted to have stolen christmas. Evil Reindeer, and bats and other demonic creations. We fall in behind Sergio except for Aveline, she sees a corridor to attack from and she does so, but suddenly she is out there on her own. Next thing we know she is impaled upon some antlers. We can laugh about this now but at the time she decided to set it on fire, while still impaled upon the antlers, not such a good idea. That and to start the fight Sergio could not hit the broad side of the barn.

I threw in a few color sprays to take care of the smaller creatures, and all of a sudden Sergio starts hitting pretty strong. Ducky did a good job of healing who needed heals, and eventually we put down the 2 main demons, and get Aveline off the antlers. At this point we withdraw as our mission was complete. We head back to the Defender’s heart, successful once again.

OOC: It was a short themed christmas night, and so the log is short as well.

Lady Jenna's Journal 7
Day 7 - The Blood Statue

Players Present : Aveline, Volgrim, Jenna, Avallac’h
Players Missing – Sergio

So today we sneak out of the hovel that we took shelter in overnight. I must say I was surprised at that. While the large and more powerful demons have left, we still find Crusaders fighting hordes of less powerful demons here and there. But we rest, and we regain our strength. So we set off once again. Not long after we go, Av’s, and some others see figures on the rooftops. I don’t know why but Mystra has never blessed me with great perception, I guess it is good to have friends. Av starts running forward and then back, drawing a bunch of arrows in her direction. So running back she comes, eventually they people come out to parlay with us. I was just more defenders, and god love Av’s because she was worried about them shooting us. It was real simple, if they wanted to shoot at us, they would have done so, so we talk, and Volgrim pulls out his giant shining weapon of doom, and suddenly everyone is bowing down. Well good, it gets us an escort to the defenders heart, which is where I wanted to go anyway, for that matter all of us wanted to go.

Arriving at the Defender’s Heart we see Anevia and I run to hug her, good to see a familiar face, as well as a few other hugs. I inquire on Horgus and no one has seen him since we saw him to his home, and Vash is upstairs in the Inn doing work with the other scholars. His eyesight remains unable to be healed, but Anevia is healed to full capacity, her leg wounded no longer.

So inside we go, and Anevia brings in her wife Arabel, and we update on the status of the Temple of the Lizard King. After hearing how that went, we are given some time to fill up on equipment, so we get the usual adventuring ropes, and torches and that kind of equipment so we are prepared for what is next. There remain a few merchants, and we turn our trinkets into cash. I split the money with the group and we get ready for the day. We’ve been asked to go look for an evil leader holed up in the city, not too far from here.

It’s not a long trip, and its a ruined wizard tower, once about 60 feet tall, now just the first floor, and the door is intact. We listen and find there are people inside. So Volgrim the door. Inside is a man with a holy symbol of Baphomet again. I daze him, but everyone appears to have been stunned that someone like that could be in the city proper. We had the chance to tie him up, but the chance passed. So we strike him and his buddy that appears down.

Now that we are inside we see more of what we thought. The upper floors are ruined but we can go down into the basement. We proceed and down some steps and around a corner is a Tiefling. He sees us and slits his wrist, dumping the blood into a statue of Baphomet. Well it’s not just a statue, but a magical statue. I feel worse, I can’t act as well, but it doesn’t take my senses from me. We kill the Tiefling, and we see that blood is pouring from where he drained himself, and it goes through the statue, coming out into a trough that runs across the next room into a massive pit of blood.

Just as we figure this out, these Blood creatures, almost like Elementals appear. Volgrim and Avallac’h want to deal with them, but my instinct says this is the problem due to the statue. So I grease the area between the two rooms, and convince Volgrim to attack the statue not the creatures. Av’s is trying to force missile the statue to pieces, and Avallac’h can’t block the 10 foot area by himself, so I cast Mage Armor, and move forward to help block and contain the blood creatures like some warrior type that I most certainly am not. At this point I also cast Obscuring mist on top of us to give us more of a chance.

For a couple seconds it goes well, and Volgrim and Av’s chop off an arm, but then things turn sour. The blood creature envelops me, and the pig sticker chops the head from the statue, just as I felt it trying to come above my waist. With that, the blood creatures disappear, but the blood starts to boil. We run back into the anteroom and hide around the corner, except Av’s is a little slow, the blood, for lack of a better term, blows up, and she takes a big blast. Thank Goodness Avallac’h is there to heal her. At this point some treasure remains, we gather it, and head home, not finding the leader, but stopping the Blood Statue, from sending waves of Blood Elementals to attack the Defender’s Heart.

Lady Jenna's Journal 6
The Lizard King?

Players Present: Aveline, , Lady Jenna Volgrim
Players Absent : Avallac"h, Sergio

So we get up with a fresh day, still trying to make sense of what this all means for us, the city being attacked, the destruction of the Wardstone.

Unable to process anything, we’re asked to go investigate a new problem, a temple that has appeared. Maybe temple is not the right word? Some kind of a shrine, well maybe a temple, it sure is large enough when we get there.

We enter and we find that the whole area is tainted, such as an evil blessing. Still we were asked to find out what was wrong here, and so we shall endeavor to do so. We enter the temple, and the first thing we find is lizardmen. Are they good, are they evil? We’re having a brief talk, and behind we can decide what do to they are on us, in an attacking formation. Thanks to the big swords they were quickly dispatched. So we move onward, beyond this curtain of shells, to which we find a vats of water.

The vats of water rise up in the form of elementals to block us and thwart us as well. Unlike the first fight where I did little more than acid Glob I helped out some here, but this was not exceedingly tough either. The creatures were dispatched and we found some treasure at the bottom of their wells.

Somewhere around this point we found out that the whole place is consecrated to evil. So we move along carefully. We take some stairs down, and we see tons and tons of lizardmen again, so someone in our party decides to charge. I guess this means we are committed and we all rush down the steps, except to the side are a couple of tieflings. Well, the group is fighting the lizardman I begin with taking care of the tieflings. The first thing I do since I have them surprised is to drop grease, and follow it up with an obscuring mist. My plan works, I can hear them land on their rear ends. So meanwhile we are cutting down the lizardmen. Aveline throws some fire, and helps kill a few off, but positions herself poorly getting into a bad situation. Eventually we gain he upper hand on this side, about the time the tieflings can join in the fight. So to give us more time, I blind the tieflings. This scares the leader into summoning help. The “help” is our Succubus friend, in a manner of speaking, she slays the leader tiefling a priestess who summoned her, and then begins to speak to us about what are we doing here?

Here? Where is here? Apparently we are in some crypt, not a temple to some long dead lizard king. There is some prophesy about the lizard king will come back and rule the Worldwound or at least parts of it again. We talk to her for awhile until Volgrim can’t stand the fact that she is evil, and feels the need to attack her, to which she disappears, but not before we get a clue.

Past the doors you cannot find,
Down the steps you cannot climb,
And across the River of Nothingness
You’ll find your way.
Beware the marksman and his prey.
Shun the royal brides!
Then find the place I lie in eternal feast!
Past the glories I despise;
The light of vengeance fills my eye.
Treasure I gave my servant dragon,
Guardian loyal of this, my reborn feeding lair.

We descend down into some large underground (are we really underground, or are we not in Kansas anymore?) area with some stairs that we had to slide down, across a river we could not see, so we passed the prophecy areas and find some campfires on one side, and a pyramid tomb on the other. We enter the tomb and we wind up having a meal with the lizard king. We get a sense that he is not something we can yet deal with, so we parley and he allows us to leave. When we head back the temple and everything underneath has disappeared. So it seems we sort of took care of the temple. But found yet another foe for another day.

Lady Jenna's Journal 5
The surface, is it more Cra?

Players Present: Aveline, Sergio, Lady Jenna Volgrim
Players Absent : Avallac"h

So the band of misfits makes the surface, I wasn’t sure it would always happen. Aveline has been good, Horgrim has been ok, Sergio has been ok too, Perhaps I should not complain. I mean after that cowardly evil Valen ran off, things have continued to improve. So we reach the surface and I am taking time to talk to Vash, Anevia, and Horgus when somehow Volgrim and Sergio have themselves in a fight down the street, with crusaders no less. I mean we are supposed to be on the same side. I’m not sure what either of them said, but a scuffle ensues. We fight for a short time when we stop them and take the leader as a captive. We find out that something has sent her insane. So we set off for Vash’s headquarters.

We journey through the city and there is ample opportunity for combat, the large demons gone, but lesser cleanup work to be done, however with having to take our captive to the leaders, and needing to find the leadership of the city ourselves, we set off, but first, Anevia’s base of operations is closer. So we sneak, we skulk, we hunker, and we finally reach it, and Anevia wants to see if there are any folk left inside, the building largely damaged. We enter our next scuffle since we made the surface. There was some hordespawn that we needed to stop, he was actually pretty powerful, thank goodness for Volgrim’s sword and a spell from me to blind him for a bit.

So after finding no information of help there, we move on to Vash’s library. Well here we find people taken prisoner and more hellspawn trying to get information from some of the librarians. We’ll once again spurred to action, we save the librarians, and defeat the spawn of the abyss, and they want us to get word to the city’s leaders. Well so do we, but first, we promised to get Horgus home, and that is our next stop!

(There ended the night- slowed down by combat, but or DM said we leveled!)

Lady Jenna's Journal 4
The surface, oh the surface, where art thou?

So we hole up in the evil chicks room, and we hunker down, and we wait, and we wait. I’m hoping for Aveline to return as well as Alorzah from Neathholm. While we wait, we investigate the large box. Well this winds up being a treasure find. This is a sword of legendary status. It’s name is Radiance. It has served in Crusades past and was thought lost. Odd to find it in the hands of a creature of Baphomet. After we find this, and it seems to accept Tire’an we head back up to where we first encountered the children who have fallen from their goals, and have turned to evil. We figure this is our best chance to spot Lann, and the others if they come back.

We make camp as best we can, one side we have a locked door, and the other we have their set up defenses. Amazingly none of the other evil children come our way, and in the morning, we are met by Lann and Alorzah. No Aveline yet, and I still hope for her return. Lann informs us that the trial against Wendawg goes well, and that Valen snuck out in the middle of the night, and has not been seen since. I knew that Valen was good for nothing. Coward hiding behind the women, not worth the wings that he was given.

Well we head off and go down into the hole where we met the cultists of Baphomet and as we slide down, we land next to some rats. The new Tire’an seems to have no fear of anything since he has gripped Radiance, and fights the rats. Well these giant rats are corrupted, somehow down here we are closer to the Worldwound and these rats are different. With my knowledge skills, it seems that they are infected, almost as if with the spores from a Vrock. Thank goodness we don’t see a Vrock. We fight the rats, and remove a spore from Tire’an before it is too late. We move onward through this cave system, very aware that we are infested with some evil, and we most move quickly. Along the way we fight a couple of Lemures, here and there, until we round a corner and there is a pack of 4. Well I’ve been following right behind Tire’an the whole way, and these things while small in the hierarchy of the Tanar’ri, and are no pushovers, especially for us and our skills. I lay out a pile of grease, instead of the dazes and Acid Globs I have been using most of the time. While stuck in an evil place, we had a moment of comedy. The first Lemure falls and the rest collide into him following suit. This allows us to position ourselves to outmaneuver them. Tire’an and Sergio get into place and I stand behind continuing to daze the Lemures so they have to stand there dumbfounded. It is a tough fight but we pull it out.

We then round what would be the last corner and we find a Succubus. She laughs at us, and tells us we can leave. Well that just doesn’t sit well with us, and Tire’an and I go to fight while Horgus decides that he would rather make the surface. After a couple of blows the Succubus up and disappears . We find orders, orders for the Tanar’ri. I want to take them, but by Mystra they are tainted with evil, it is all I can do to thow them in my backpack, and bring them along.

There is one last obstacle. We have to crawl up. Some of us are not a dextrous, and we are in danger of falling to our deaths, when Horgus has a clan of people with ropes come over the side, and bring us to safety. Our ordeal underground is finally over. We have made it back to the surface, with all three of our traveling companions intact. Vash and Anevia, now maybe they can get some real treatment, and we can learn what has gone on above ground.

Lady Jenna's Journal 3
Day 3

So we get up and we set out from Neathholm or at least most of us. Aveline is not feeling the best, and decides to wait and try to catch up with us later. Valen, well apparently Valen has made it to Neathholm also, but is not going to travel with us at the moment. It is too scary, too hard, too something, so he stays home as well. Rayne also has taken ill, and needs to remain behind. So Sergio, Tire’an and myself set off, with Horgus, Anevia, and Aravashnial.

Lann leads us out of the city and we travel for a couple of hours when we finally start to get to where the misguided Children are. He finds a spot in the tunnel where they have set up defenses. Based on Neathholm andChief Sull’s kindnesses we decide to rush the defenses. This worked at least to start, we took down the 2 defenders, but not before raising the alarm. In rushes a couple more Mongrelmen, and and some giant lizard. Horgus, gotta love him for a noble, he rushes up with the Morningstar that was given to us by Chief Sull, and he starts smacking the thing, and fighting for us. Anevia starts loosing arrows, and If Vash could see, he would probably help also. After finishing with the lizard and one more of the misguided children, the last runs off. We proceed after him but the room we enter has a choice of three doors.

We determine that he ran through the one that was most to the south, but we stop and listen at all three doors. The door to the north, well it appears that both us and the people behind it want to open the door at the same time. This time things are different, there are humans, normal humans behind the door. Sergio and Tier’an do rather well, and I don’t even need to leave the room to throw any acid globs. Horgus helps again. One of them tries to get away and as he turns to run, he is cut down by our party and his body falls into a hole. Before we decide to investigate that, we worry more about the live one that did get away, and we notice that these 2 deaders are worshiping Baphomet. Really? Humans worshiping a demon lord.

We all come back into the room with the three doors. Door number 3 seems to be a place for them to keep the lizard, and not much else. As we are discussing what to do, and making Horgus impatient, the door opens that the mongrelman originally and out steps a badly marred Mongrelman, I take that moment of calm to get him to join the “A” team. Charm person worked perfectly. He tells us that some humans have come in and taken over their little community. Oh Journal to save some time, I work to convince him that we are not the bad guys, but some people in the party think it is amusing to work against us. Eventually with the counter intuitiveness from the party he decides we are not all we seem to be. So we give this Wendaug, after taking his gear and he is a war criminal so Lann takes him back with a holy symbol of Baphomet we found on him, so that he can stand trial. Between our paladin detecting evil, and our own sensing of motives, he basically admits to eating and capturing the children of Neathhold whenever they can. He deserves to stand trial for his crimes and we wave goodbye to Lann, who will try to catch back up as soon as he can.

We move into the next room from where Wendaug came from and where the other Mongrelman ran, and we find a room with a hole, and a door which leads to a place to hold their trash. Into the whole we go and we find 2 more guards and another barricaded area. The guards here are not very tough but they manage to raise the alarm, and more guards rush into the room. This time I find a use for a spell and I sleep the group. This works out well because apparently we fight the “leader” of the humans that has moved in and her bodyguard. She has a few cleric spells, and a bodyguard who does a great job of clogging the door. Anevia shoots arrows, I throw acid, and the party works to cut him down from the doorway. Finally we get at the female, I try to color spray, but she resists, however with her guard down, she folds rather quickly to the fighters of the party.

OOC: We abruptly stop there as Tire’an had to leave, we really don’t even resolve anything after the fight.

Lady Jenna's Journal 2
Day 2 in the dark

Players Present: To be completed, some characters still not made

Players Absent: same

So we wake up this morning, refreshed and ready to continue our journey. We are all still reeling from the loss of Terendelev and the fight with the Storm King. So we wake up in our little shrine to Tyr, and the night passed uneventfully. Can we call it a night? It’s hard to tell down here, how much time has really passed. Well I’m calling it a day and a night with the walking and the rest that we had. In any event, in the morning, Valen is gone. It is just like that little coward to have run off. You give him a few stern words about how he should act, and he runs off with his tail between his legs, or maybe the term for him is with his wings tucked behind his back. I wonder if we will see him again.

Shortly after this discovery is made, we hear a noise outside, and someone else had fallen through a chasm and was alone and looking for a way back to the surface as well, his name is Sergio. Decent enough fellow from what I have seen of his first day with us. We greet him, try to help him equip himself, and we hear more noise. Apparently we were not moving fast enough forHorgus, he decided we should set out. So we gather our items and move off. He grumbles something about we should cut the dead weight, but we bring everyone with us. Anevia and Aravashnial need protected, who in their right mind would just let them here to die. At least I think Aveline agrees with me.

So we round a corner, and there are some ancient statues, might be Heroes of the First Crusade. As we investigate the statues some tentacles come flying out. I later learn these things were called Darkmantles, and some underground dwarf comes running up to defend them. Well we take down the whole group, not without some difficulty however. The dwarf was a spellcaster and he did us a treat for a little bit. We found a few potions and a couple of scrolls that we divided up and then we found a trapdoor under his living area that led onward to a different part of the cave system. I also found his Darkmantle eggs, and they are trainable companions, I take them and carefully stuff some earth around them in the backpack, hoping that we can sell them someday, or perhaps raise one or two if the opportunity presents itself.

So we journey onward and come to a couple of, what we later learn, mongrelman and a defensive position of theirs. One of the two towers/pillars has collapsed, and trapped a friend under it. We learn the leaders name, Lann, with a lizard half and a human half but with a bullish horn growing out of his head. His friend Dyra and he are trying to free Crel. His leg is trapped under a huge stone. With our help we get him free, and with Alorzah’s help we heal him up. I guess they are not used to kindness down here, and they instantly cheer up and turn much more friendly. They decide to, pardon the cliche, take us to their leader. Their leader isChief Sull in the city of Neathholm, (see my Neathholm entry) and we have counsel with the leader. Along the way, the journey almost ended, there was a chasm, with no easy way across it. It started off well, but with those who were not 100% and other tribulations, well at one point we had a couple people over the side, with the rest of us hanging on for dear life. We barely made it. Rope, Rope for the love of 50 or 100 feet or rope, damn this crashing down here with no supplies.

It seems that the townsfolk are descended from the Children of the First Crusade. Our kindness upon one of theirs goes far with the Chief. We are offered shelter and food, a night to rest, and a message to carry above, if we will, to tell Lady Alustriel that the Children will once again stand with the Crusaders above in the threat to push back the demon hordes. We will gladly carry the message. We are also informed that the way is blocked by Children who have fallen from the path, and are now self serving, and the only way to the surface is through them.

After agreeing to take the message, I ask about trading for more than food and shelter, I bring out the statue and the brooch. Well things turned sour fast. The brooch belonged to his son. Where did we find it, what is going on? I explain about the abandoned campfire and that we found it. He asks for the path of how to get there to check things out, and the brooch back. We gladly give it, since it belonged to him, and in return he gives us his magical morningstar, asking only that we crack a few of the evil Children’s skulls on the way to the surface. This is where we pause for the day.

OOC: We had a real life friend pass away, this was our first session since he was gone, and the playfulness, and the camaraderie were gone somewhat if this entry seems to not quite has the same tone.

Wrath of the Righteous day 1
We fell into a pit

Dear diary I am Tire’an Maydancer, and this is my musings,

We fell into a pit today. Along with a noble pain Horgus Gwerm, an elf with a broken leg Anevia, one with wings, one who his annoying Lady Jenna, a human half blind healer, and a totally blind general of some sort Aravashnial?

We killed a bunch of bugs, faced down a extremely large snake, and killed a skeleton which grew huge. All in all a fun day I think. Though before i put my head down to take a nap, a few were fighting over a hammer. Perhaps I’ll borrow it to crush more skeletons later. Or perhaps even gamble them for it :D

Lady Jenna's Journal
The Wrath of the Righteous - First Entry

Players Present: Will fill in later after all characters are completed and can link to them.

Players Absent: Same as above

Here is the first entry into my new journal. I was training for what was going to be the Fifth Crusade. I was competing to be selected as one of the crusaders in the next soon to be launched crusade when the plaza was attacked. Spouting right up out of the ground where the Wardstone once stood was Khorremzadeh himself, the Storm King. By Mystra he is large. There was nothing I could do at this point in my career, so I ran, I ran with some of the companions I had been training with while Terendelev showed up, the protector of Silverymoon to fight this threat. Actually Terendelev was there taking the form of some humanoid. They fought while we got to safety, or so we thought, it was not long and the Storm King had his sword and whip in the fray and Terendelev was going down. A big gash in the ground, a scar, a chasm, call it what you will, opened beneath our feet. With his dying act, he cast a spell so we would float to safety, albeit far underground, hundreds and hundreds of feet.

I wake up surrounded by my new “friends” and three other companions Anevia, Aravashnial, and Horgrus. Horgrus is some slightly pompous noble, while Anevia and Aravashnial seem to be some types who have some knowledge of adventuring and or survival. I help an elf to her feet, Aveline is her name, she goes and sees to the cleric Alorzah, but he says his name Alizah. While she does that, and the others attend to people, I help Anevia get untrapped from the rubble. As we start to get everyone free of the rubble, and attending to the injuries, the Paladin, Tirean decides to go on walkabout. Nevermind that we have severely injured and work still needs to be done, he goes poking around until he finds some dead spider, that has giant maggots growing in it. I apologize to Anevia but I have to go help.

I run over to the scuffle, and I have my acid globs ready. Aveline helps and we put acid and magic missiles into the thing while Tirean helps finish the beasts off. Good. It is the least he can do for running off by himself, and causing a problem while there was still work to be done. I hope this is not the behavior I can expect from a Paladin and a Tymorian as well. The maggots dead, I head back to finish helping Anevia so that she can walk. I also find that Aravashnial is blind from an attack by the Storm King, and that the noble is just fine.

We take stock of what we can find and we move on, after we finish making crutches and splints. There is a cave to the south, with a long abandoned campfire. Valen goes running right in, because by god there might be a bow in there. Until he disturbs the campfire, and 2 giant cockroaches come out. Oh Journal guess we happens next. He runs, and runs like a little girl. He was pretty fleet of foot. Apparently, and I will get to this more later, he is quite the coward. So in I go again with Aveline and Tirean, and we finish off these cockroaches. Guess who comes running back. Valen. Sure, now that the fighting is over. We find some non magical equipment that will help us on our journey probably and we continue on.

Now we move on down a cave with some ledge, and Valen finds himself useful for the moment, as he has wings. Some type of winged elf. I hope they all don’t come with his level of resolve. If so, please stay away from the worldwound. There is a backpack and we retrieve it. It has some food, a few candles, a couple of potions and the potions get spread out, and the backpack I wear, at least for the time being. It gives a place for Dactyl to hide if he needs it.

We travel on for a little longer, with Aveline guiding Aravashnial, Anevia hobbling by, and Horgus grumbling about things. Several times we have to break up them and their petty squabbles. One time when we do, we turn a corner, and there is a large snake, perhaps huge is a better world. it’s stuck, this is great, we can save ourselves pretty easy. Nope we talk about it, and the thing gets free and rushes us. I plop more globs of acid at it, while Aveline runs away, but to cover Aravashnial and get him to safety. For her troubles, she gets bit in the ass and poisoned. Valen gladly took up the rear position once he was told to guard the noble. He seemed to be over eager to just stay back there and do nothing while the rest of us fought. The snake dead from clubbing by Tirean and globs of Acid from me, and even the noble running forward and punching this sneak in the head. Now we must attend to Aveline. She has poison in her butt. Well I took one for the team, sucking the poison out until they could diagnose the problem, and having to restore her constitution. Aveline saved, we moved on. I think I got my nipple tweaked for the trouble. She’s cute, we’ll see what comes of that.

The snake dead, we find a couple more crude things we can use on our journey. Onward says Valen, maybe not in those words. Never have I seen such a backwards elf. The patience of a long lifetime is only gifted to him in combat. When I want to find out more about the people we are with, what their story is, how we can put them at ease, then I hear him yelling from the back, no talking, we must move on, go go go. So when it is time to rush, he puts his feet down, when it is time to take the elven approach to things, he is impertinent. Tirean at least has calmed down, his exploration is within sight of the group now, and our priest of Kelemvor has shown himself to be a decent healer. So they are not just tournament ready, they actually do a fairly decent job, except for the aforementioned Valen. I hope when we find a bow he can actually use the thing.

Onward to a small cave that opens up into a 30 foot tall small cave with a building in it. I’m not sure but the symbol on the door looks Tyran or from a Tempite. But it is faded and hard to make out. We go in through the foyer, and into the main chamber. It is indeed a small undergroup chapel to Tyr. Except that a Heucuva is in here, and we have to fight it. We later find a journal, and the Huecuva most likely was found wanting after cursing Tyr’s name. The huecuva is slain, with no help from Valen, who just stands around again. I wonder if his thumb and his ass are best friends sometimes. We go look around, and also find a giant fly. I color Spray that, and gouge out it’s eyes with my magic spoon. The place safe we decide to consecrate it back to Tyr, and get rid of the evil remains.

Some other thoughts, my god, don’t get Valen or his precious wings dirty, and I, I have every kind of creatures gore, innards and ichor on me and so does Tirean. We decide to bed down as everyone is tired, and there is no sense of time down here. It was a defensible place, and we could more onward when we wake up, trying to find a way to get back up to our beloved city.

Lady Jenna, Enchantress Extraordinaire.


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