Tire'an Maydancer

Aasamir Palladin


Tire’an is a consumate gambler, and from a young age was encouraged into games of chance by his very religion.

He became a paladin to fulfill a need to protect people, and saw the 5th crusade as a way to make a difference and make a name for himself.


Angel of protection, Tine’in: Male Angel, sent to guard Lorien Maydancer, a worshiper of Tymora.

Lorien Maydancer, with the help of Tine’in, survived the time of troubles. Her role and the reason she was deemed worthy of protection have been lost to the sands of time, but it is known that she fell in love with Tine’in and over time caused him to feel that love in return. When she died, overcome with a pain of loss rarely felt by his kind, he left the world. It is said that the pain of her death was so great that it still echoes through those who share his lineage.

Tire’an, named in honor of Tine’in due to inheriting the features of his ancient progenitor, felt that echo all to keenly. It caused him to seek out a path that would enable him to protect others. Also being a free spirit, the call of Tymora appealed greatly to him, and got his parents off his back to take up the tradition of worshiping her.

His parents, while not destitute, were not of noble blood either, though the birth of Tire’an increased their social status within the church. His mother was a cleric of Tymora and his father a minor captain of the guard.

When the fifth crusade was announced, Tire’an felt it was time to live up to the hype of his birth, and accomplish something worthwhile. It was time.

Tire'an Maydancer

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