Storm Silverhand

Power behind the throne of Shadowdale. Chosen of Mystra.


Storm Silverhand is probably the best known of the Seven Sisters, and in good part because she’s a bit of a loose cannon. Raised by Elminster, she ran away before she gained control of the magic that was her birthright, and ended up being enslaved by a wizard in Calimshan. In time, she escape by stealing a flying carpet and taking a beeline back to Elminster, insisting that he’d fix the magical disguises her captor had saddled her with. Although she is quite capable at changing her appearance, she will, as a result, only do it if other means don’t suffice, and then only non-magically.

By far the most famous minstrel in the Dalelands (and that’s no easy feat!), Storm is striking by any one’s standards. She stands 6’2" tall, with pure silver hair cascading over rather suggestive leather armour, down to her hips. She has a reputation as a tomboy, a flirt and a complete terror to whomever thinks she can be somehow controlled or “tamed”. She is also a very redoubtable swordswoman, and as a bardic devotee of Mystra, a quite powerful spellcaster.

Underneath Storm’s sex appeal and her undoubted _ joi de vivre_, there’s a genuine sorrow deep inside her. Although goodhearted in the classic sense, Storm is particulartly devoted to children, and it grieves her that she has so far been unable to conceive, six centuries of trying notwitstanding. By rumour, her current paramour is Lhaeo, a disciple of Elminster (and the second in line to the throne of Tethyr, although this is far from common knowledge). As such, she tends to mostly stay in and around Shadowdale in recent years, and finding her abroad almost certainly means she is on emergency business for the Harpers, for whom she is somewhat of a (notorious) poster child.

Of all her siblings, Storm is closest to Alustriel. The picture depicts both of them together, although Alustriel, of course, is seen here as one of the “spectral Harpers”.


Storm Silverhand

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