Laeral Silverhand

Lady Mage of Waterdeep. Chosen of Mystra


Lady Laeral Silverhand is probably the most unassuming of the Seven Sisters. As a Chosen of Mystra, she is a very powerful magician, but she’s lead a rough life leading up to her current position as the High mage of Waterdeep, and prefers diplomacy above all.

In days gone by, Laeral was a tall, quite slim woman of keen intellect and an explorer’s curiosity. She travelled far and wide, becoming an experienced woodswoman with a particular interest in shapechangers of all kinds. She gained a minor reputation as a hard-drinking, fearless mercenary with a good heart but a tendency to take greater risks than most others would. This, eventually, led to her becomin enthralled by an artifact called the Crown of Horns. it took Khelben Blackstaff, then the archmage of Waterdeep, to break her free from this, and in the process the two of them bonded and became life mates (although they never married).

After the ordeal caused by her own daring, Laeral has become much more subtle, and more inclined to focus on bringing people together, rather than going at it alone. She has grown to be one of the best judges of character of the Sword Coast and a consummate diplomate. This is likely made significantly easier by her combination of an innocent beauty (even if she is quite world-wise), and the “stick” of her own potent magic as well as Khelben’s reputation as one of the people one would least like to cross.

Although now mostly forgotten, Laeral Silverhand travelled extensively in the lands around and to the north of Silverymoon in ages past, where she became known as a witch not to be crossed lightly. These days, most people believe she took her name after Laeral, the witch of legend, and she is content to leave them to this conviction, as it serves her well.

Much of Lady Laeral (or “Lady Arunsun”, as she is often known at official events) curiosity these days is aimed at research into enchantments and magical items. As such, she is one of the premier sources of information on obscure artifacts, and she has been known to help redeem evil items to a more wholesome destiny. Note, that she is far more likely to show up of her own accord than to be convinced by someone who thinks she can be “lined up” as one might a sage or expert professional. In fact, she tends to react more favourably to those who don’t know her full identity and honestly need help than to those who feel she owes the world something because of her name or affiliations.

Aside from her role as a Chosen of Mystra and one of the Open Lords of Waterdeep, Laeral is probably the best-known Harper on the Swordcoast. She mostly sticks to coordinating and relaying information in this functionality, though.


Laeral Silverhand

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