Lady Dove Falconhand


Dove Falconhand, born Ambara Dove Silverhand, was a ranger, Chosen of Mystra, and one of the Seven Sisters, known for her skill at arms. Most folk in the Realms knew her as a member of the Knights of Myth Drannor who was skilled with bow and sword, but who said little. Fellow Harpers knew her as an accomplished singer and harpist, although she showed these skills only in trusted company.

Dove was one of seven female spellcasters born to the ranger Dornal Silverhand and his wife Elué, known as the Seven Sisters. From an early age, she took to the life of an adventurer, and as a result could claim to be a sorceress as well as rogue, though later in life she seldom used such skills, preferring strength at arms.

In civilized areas, or when expecting imminent danger, Dove would generally wear magical plate armour and carry a bow and longsword (rumoured to be a Luckblade). In more wild terain, or when expecting the need for silent movement, she was known to prefer enchanted leather armour and magical boots made for her in Silverymoon, and to wield an invisible dagger alongside her blade.

At times, she took to the saddle and traveled across the North, employing magical disguises where necessary, to see how local officials treated travelers. These trips occasionally ended in the demise of local magistrates and Dove’s sudden departure at night. She was an accomplished amazon, and very capable at cross-country riding.

Although by nature quiet, Dove became somewhat of a legend in the adventuring community, when she pursued the renegade drow Drizzt do’Urden for an extended period. She would eventually conclude that they were, in fact, fellow faithful of Mielikki, and sponsor him for citizenship in Silverymoon. This was refused by her sister, Queen Alustriel. Afterwards, Dove would withdraw from public appearances once more to raise her son Azalar in Cormyr with Florin (her husband).


Lady Dove Falconhand

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