Paladin of Tyr


Growing up as a toddler on a caravan in the Western Heartlands sounds perhaps idyllic, but it comes with caveats. One of the more common dangers are, of course, bandit attacks. In Klarah’s case, it was worse than that.

Klarah’s parents were teamsters, working in tandem for the “Horse and Bugle” caravan company, plying the roads between the Sword Coast, the Dalelands and Cormyr. She grew up on the road, more used to the smell of horses and the sounds of creaking wheels than the hustle and bustle of town life. When only 8 years old, her life underwent a dramatic change as a band of slavers from Mulmaster swept down on their travelling party and captured everyone they did not kill or drive off.

Growing up in Mulmaster was an alienating experience for the young girl, used to the wide open landscapes of the Heartlands. She knew nobody, but she received the opportunity to “rise above” her station when she was drafted into a training school for House Veruna mercenaries. Grasping upon the chance to be part of something once again, the lonely young girl threw herself into the endeavour, and within scant years, her ambition and talent was recognized. She received preferential training, and grew up to be known as one of the more promising leadership candidates for the House – and others in Mulmaster noticed.

On her 17th birthday, the cadet was visited by her sergeant-instructor, as well as an imposing man in lacquered black armour. The latter, introduced as Morn Esztergar, was a priest of Bane, and over the following years he instructed the girl as well as he could to become one of the Harbingers of the Black Fist. Although the attention of powerful people proved magnetic to her, and the growing responsibilities layered on her became an effective shackle for her, deep inside the woman was still the girl that loved horses. She chose the surname “Avalar”, to signify her newfound allegiance to the lords of Acheron – but she never stopped dreaming.

In years to come, Klarah Avalar was sent to the World Wound, to oversee the interests of the Black Church and the Zhentarim, where she was confronted by the heroics of a party of liberators who freed her from the shackles that had held her soul for so long. She has been searching for redemption since, in newfound service to the Knights of the Merciful Sword (a paladin order of Tyr).



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