Chief Sull

Leader of Neathholm


Chief Sull is a large bloated man, Mongrelman in fact. He is the size of, well I can’t really compare him to anything. He has a lot of girth, but that is probably due to his background as a Mongrel. I use the term with no disrespect, they refer to themselves as the Children. He also has a greyed out eye, and his skin is… well it reminds me of having come from a rat. He has greyed stubby, unkempt hair.

He was pleasant after listening to the story of his people’s rescue with our help from the fallen pillar. He asked us to carry a message to the surface that the Children would once again stand with the Crusaders in pushing back the Storm King and his forces. I and the rest agreed to carry his message as we could with our return to the surface. We were offered a place to stay and recover, and to prepare to journey onward past some other Children who have fallen from the way.

I ask if we can trade for basic items, food and clothing, which was offered without trade, and we could trade for some items of greater value if we so choose. I got out the few items of value we had, and I find that one belonged to his son. His reaction changed to hostile until I told the story of how all we did was find an empty campsite, long since use. He asks for the bat on the mushroom, and we give it willingly. Crisis averted, friends we are once again. He gives us his own magical Morningstar, as long we agree to use it to slay some of the evil Children along the way.


Chief Sull

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