I was raised by humans. I’m not sure what happened to my real parents. My earliest memories are with my human parents although I never felt like I belonged to them. My human parents were always so serious – so stuffy. I always had the urge to wander – it got me into a lot of trouble in my earlier years. I loved to explore nature, I loved to be with animals, and I loved to find other beautiful beings to get close to. I find myself drawn to strong yet down to earth beings. Male or female, elf or orc, I can see the beauty in everyone. Sometimes I think others don’t take me serious because of my playfulness – but I am almost ready for a fight if it means defending what I believe or protecting those I love.

Right now I’m just drifting along. My human parents kicked me out after my last stint of running away and returning with an attractive female dwarf. Lets just say they didn’t approve. It wasn’t anything serious I just thought she was fun to be around! Her lips were so soft and plump and when she spoke it was as if angels were singing. It didn’t last long though. She wasn’t into nature like I was and she wanted to be tied down. Definitely not my thing. So now I’m alone, drifting along, hoping to find my place in the world. I don’t know where I’ll end up but I hope to make some new friends along the way.


The Wrath of the Righteous cawertz313