Avallac’h is a half-elf who was born in the Elven capital of Ladara in the Elven country of Kyonin. Avallac’h’s mother (Syndra) was an Elven Druid and Father (Duron) a Human Paladin from kingdom of Andoran who fought in the Third Mendevian Crusade.

Avallac’h’s Father was severely wounded during the crusade and would would retire from battle and adventure. The Elves while not cruel and outright mean to Avallac’h they were often dismissive of other races thus Avallac’h found it difficult growing up among the pure blooded elves.

Avallac’h was identified as having a strong holy power and there was much pressure from the Paladin order and Elves to train him as a cleric. Avallac’h’s father was an Andoran, a realm where personal freedom is placed above all else and wished for his son to pick his own path in life. To escape the pressure on his son and move further from the World Wound, Avallac’h and his family returned to his fathers native country of Andoran. As they traveled torward capital of Almas, the family stopped in the village of Caldamin to rest after traversing the Five Kings Mountains.

Shortly after arriving in the village of Caldamin it was apparent the village was in need of assistance. Calamine was run by a a crooked mayor who had thugs coerce the villagers into reelection. The mayor was also extorting protection money and often villagers would end up missing. Duron and Syndra were able to defeat the crooked bureaucrats. The village was small and lacked a military man to train and lead the villagers. The village was also without the services of a healer. The villagers were grateful and asked the Avallac’h’s family to stay.

Duron and Syndra pondered the offer and decided that Caldamin would be their new home, It would be a peaceful quiet home, something the family of 3 was not accustomed to. Syndra also was very pleased that the village was right on the edge of the Verduran Forest. Duron was eventually elected mayor of the small village. Through Duron’s firm but gentle leadership he guided the village to prosperity. Syndra also took the roll of the village’s defacto healer. The family was at peace and Avallac’h’s parents spent much time teaching him about Justice, magic, nature, and healing.

Avallac’h was also exposed to many different races in Caldamine as it became a popular resting point for many races. The elves from Kyonin traveling to Almas. The sturdy dwarven craftsmen from the five kings mountains coming to sell their wares and complete jobs in the village. Even some Kobolds from the forest have visited the village from time to time.

On Avallac’h’s 14th Birthday the young boy approached his parents, “I want to heal sickness and wounds like my mother, However I want to stand for justice and honor behind a plate of armor as my father did, Therefor I shall become a cleric” He announced. Avallac’h’s parents were quite proud and Duron immediately began looking for a suitable tutor. Duron knew of an Aasimar named Opiline that was in service to Queen Galfrey. Opaline was unwilling to take on Duron’s son but pointed him to a Aasimar cleric named Drinma. Duron traveled to the port city of Augustana and presented his son to Drinma.

Avallac’h was immediately awed by Drinma, She shone with iridescent skin, Golden metallic hair, and eyes that glowed of Amber. “Come forward young one” Drinma said. Her voice boomed throughout the room. Her gaze pierced Avallac’h and he knelt before her. Drinmavisually inspected the young half-elf kneeling at her feet. She picked him up by the shoulders saying "There is no need to kneel before me as we are all of equal lot in this world, her voice seeming to more gentle now, however her gaze burned as intensely as 1000 torches in the night.

Duron! Drinma said suddenly, Duron looks up but says nothing, I shall train the boy, We have much in common! We are both creatures born between two worlds, looking for our place. You have raised him well, That I can tell you already.

For the next 10 years Avallac’h studied and trained under the Angelkin Drinma. She became a friend, and motherly figure to him. She reinforced Honor, leadership, Kindness, humility, and a sense of duty all instilled in him from an early age by Duron and Syndra. As Avallac’h traveled with Drinma he often found himself drowned out by her presence. Avallac’h grew into a quiet man of few words, choosing direct thoughtful speech, as anything else would get lost in Drinma’s presence. Avallac’h always thought himself less than Drinma, How could he possibly compare to the almost living embodiment of an angel? Drinma though always treated him kindly and as an equal. Another lesson Avallac’h would carry with him, Accepting people as individuals and treating everyone equally.

On one particularly nice summer eve, Avallac’h was sitting outside in the dark watching the ships enter the port of Augustana. He could feel and see a faint light seeping off Drinma, as she walked up behind him. “You know Avallac’h we have been together over a decade now” she said lovingly. Time flies when you’re traveling the world with an angel Avallav’h said slyly" There is nothing more for me to teach you, It is time to set out on your own. You need not do so right now, but soon my son. Know that I say this with a heavy heart as you have become more than an apprentice, you have become my friend and my son. This world needs you and I have your first task for you. It will be finishing a great task, something Duron and Syndra took up but could not complete. You must go to the world wound and find a way to close it But alas I cannot go with you, I am needed elsewhere in this world. I however have a trusted friend who shall seek you out and assist you on your travels. I cannot reveal who they are at this time but they might appear as someone most unexpected. “Have I met this person before?” asked the young cleric. "Tis true you have met them before, They are someone of great charm You have met her several times though he face shifts as the sands of the desert. Now sleep well Avallac’h before the new moon rises you will fine nary a comfortable place to rest your head.


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