The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 8

Day 10

Players Present: Lady Jenna,Aveline, Ducky (Avallac’h), Sergio
Players Absent: Volgrim

We had 2 days of rest, and preparation since our last foray. In that time I managed to turn the platinum I had and the gold and other trinkets, into a headband to help me better able to cast spells.

So our next mission is to go stop some Lieutenant named Vermalek who is left in the city. Our mission for this night is only a preparation for dealing with him. There is a holiday called Christmas where an old man would bring presents to those children in need. It seems that something has happened and a pair of demons guarding a door to a building we must assault, has stolen this tradition as well as the dressing up in some red suit. Our Mission is to stop the 2 dressed up door guards.

We’re getting ready to leave and who do we find but Horgus and he has christmas presents for each of us. We take our gifts and head out for our mission. The others at the Defenders heart drag off most of the defenders leaving us just having to fight the two main demons, Vermleks.

We approach, and take on the Vermleks but once blows the whistle, bringing out many other guards. All corrupted to have stolen christmas. Evil Reindeer, and bats and other demonic creations. We fall in behind Sergio except for Aveline, she sees a corridor to attack from and she does so, but suddenly she is out there on her own. Next thing we know she is impaled upon some antlers. We can laugh about this now but at the time she decided to set it on fire, while still impaled upon the antlers, not such a good idea. That and to start the fight Sergio could not hit the broad side of the barn.

I threw in a few color sprays to take care of the smaller creatures, and all of a sudden Sergio starts hitting pretty strong. Ducky did a good job of healing who needed heals, and eventually we put down the 2 main demons, and get Aveline off the antlers. At this point we withdraw as our mission was complete. We head back to the Defender’s heart, successful once again.

OOC: It was a short themed christmas night, and so the log is short as well.



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