The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 15

Drezen Approach

We approach Drezen, and things are going well, we are going to take our little army into the city proper except that we get stopped, by bugs, tons and tons of little demonic bugs. Little things called Vescavors. Well from what we know, alone they are not so bad when they get into big groups like this, there is a queen or something controlling them. Their home would be a cave or something close, so we scout out the area and find the likely location.

We insert into their home, through a hole in the top of a cave, but we have to find where the queen lives. We find a couple of swarms and defeat them and/or run. Ducky, well Ducky is not the quietest person in the world, eventually he is so loud he runs for the end of the cave, leading us to the Queen. This is both good and bad. He runs the swarms around, while the rest of us fight. Volgrim is a beast, and does a great job. The queen dead, we spend the rest of the day waiting around for the swarms to slowly disperse, they would have eaten us alive, instead they disperse and we can continue on the next day.

Sorry this was so short diary, but there really is not a lot to say about what needed done this day.



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