The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 14

Back to Drezen

So we appear back at the temple. The great evil under the temple is gone. The temple needs consecrated and our Paladin decides to remain behind and help with this, as well as a few priests, but tells us to set off and make our way to Drezen which is still about 3 days out. They should catch up about the time we reach Drezen, so we go on with all our troops, but just a group of 4 leading the charge if Volgrim performs this task.

We journey for day 1 and 2, and there is no problems. Day three, we start to see some enemy flyers and such, that we shoot down or take care of, but at this point we are probably spotted. Then we move forward and we see bugs. Bugs, who cares right? Vescavor. There are some abyssal bugs that are somehow here. There not demons, they just come from the abyss. Well there are a million of them. And one by one they are not a big deal, but they are merged into swarms, time little crawly swarms that you can’t even attack with a weapon, not much more than a spell. Well from what I know if they come like that, a queen is not normally far away. She likes a cave or something underground. So we send out scouts that find where she is probably at.

They find her location, and Ducky, Donal, and NIera as well as myself head down into the cave. All starts well, except Ducky wore his armor. He can’t be quiet for anything, and he attracts a pack of the Vescavor. I color sprayed them, and thought they should have been taken care of longer, but they start moving again. His name noise winds up getting them attracted to me. Me! I move away and I go invisible. The bugs start following the rest of the group, but I take a different passage, with invis and not wearing armor I can be, quite, quiet. I meet back up with the group who is worried about finding me, and I whisper more with the forward less with the retreating.

Ducky manages to attract like 42 packs of the bugs, and he runs at full speed. The Bugs follow him, some dropping off as he moves at full speed, but he takes 2 packs into… The queens lair. We find the queen, and these things eat our clothing and non magical gear, leaving me and Donal fighting in naked form. I haste the group, and we approach the queen, and Donal does good damage, and Niera summons some wolves which I make move fast as well. Ducky kites the packs, and keeps them busy until we finish the queen, the summoned wolves feasting upon her body.

We’re done right? No there is a gate to the abyss. Must be where the Vescavor queen came through. We go down and see a a claw coming through the gate. Ducky prevents the creature from coming through but we need a more permanent solution. Not being powerful enough to seal a gate yet, I send the Ducky away and tell them to get out. I put some lightning at a weak spot in the ceiling and have it come crashing down, then I run and FLY to get out of the cavernous area.

Problem solved, we want for the creatures to disperse, they are no longer swarms, but we send out the troops to stomp, smash, and quell the enemy numbers, and tomorrow we march on Drezen!



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