The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 13

The freeing of Barovia

So we continue journeying through the castle, eventually climbing a tower to the top. While at the top we get assaulted by massive amounts of undead climbing the tower. We slay so many, until they form into a giant blob of body parts. Now that was a little a little bit of a tough fight. We head back down after we learn it is a dead end, and we decide that down might be our best place to go.

Down and down with a pit stop in the consecrated area. Down and down we go into the basement. Thank Mystra for Darkvision. Because the ceiling is covered with thousands of sleeping bats, that and a crypt with like 50 plus mausoleums. We start investigating, reading them as we are able. We’re not really wanting to disturb anything down here.

Strahd appears and says are you going to give me what I want. We still say no, and a battle ensues. Well our paladin smites the foe, and he turns gaseous and wisps away. Now we have a sense of urgency, we must find him while we can. We move through the area, and we find the burial sits of Strahd and his long dead brother. Strahd is in his coffin and we stake him and kill him, as best as we know how. We go to Sergei’s crypt and he awakens and says he will take care of the item his brother wanted and that it can not be destroyed. He will safe keep it.

We go outside and the castle is destroyed and the darkness is lifted. We return Duncan’s daughter to him, and then we find ourselves back in the temple with a new person Donal. He was not returned to whence he came from, and he is going to journey on with us. But more about that in the next entry, where we continue on to Drezen and meet abyssal bugs!



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