The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 12

Castle Ravenloft

We awaken and head to the Castle, which is mostly an uneventful Journey. We have a carriage without a rider come to pick us up. There is a debate about whether or not it is ok. But we all get in, and are dropped off at the gate. We enter the castle, and the doors are unlocked that lead us to a dining room, and we meet Strahd, He is a vampire, and he wants something from us, some item. I have no clue what he is talking about. Eventually I learned that Donal had the item in question, but I had no idea.

We eat dinner, and we are offered to spend the night without anything bad happening, we can decide in the morning if we are going to give him the item he wants. We purify the food just in case, but we eat to our hearts content.

In the morning the door is unlocked and we begin to explore the castle. We find a chapel which doesn’t have the taint of the rest of the place, and we find a holy symbol consecrated to good. We take the holy symbol and we move onward. We search more of the castle, we find is accountant, whom the group tries to free. I could tell he didn’t want to go, and I didn’t feel that we were best served having someone with us that didn’t want to be with us in the castle of a vampire. He eventually pulls some rope, and possible a bride of Strahd shows up who goes running. With some clues we find the treasury of Ravenloft, and we loot what we find, for myself, a coin that acts like a stone of good luck.

Sorry there really is not more to say diary, but if was a boring walk through a castle, painstakingly slow to make sure nothing bad would happen to us.



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