The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 11

Arrival in Baraovia

So we pull up the altar and bam, we appear somewhere else.

We are in some kind of a temple, with darkness and a priest that is praying. We wander forward and speak to the man, and he says that his prayers have been answered. We are here to stop the undead. What? What undead? He says get ready they will be coming for the door shortly.

So we prepare for an assault. And shortly thereafter the beating comes on the barred double doors of the church we are in. The priest, a man named Duncan says he needs to pray which will help us. We throw open the bars, my idea, rather than having the barring break, and we meet the assault head on. It was an assault, but it was a assault by menial death. I mean that there were skeletons and bats and things, but nothing that there was really worth for me to cast a spell on. I threw out some globs of acid, and we fought and we fought until there were no more.

At the end Duncan talked to us and told us that he wants us to find his daughter, that the guardian of the realm, a Strahd Von Zarovich has taken her, and taken a liking to her. We agree to set off in this realm, where even in the day it is dark. He advises us that we might want to stop in and speak with the gypsies that travel the area, that they are the only people who can cross the border of the realm, and that they have some agreement with this Strahd.

We set off being told that we can make it by the end of the day, if we leave now, and that the creatures come out at night. We travel uneventfully and we do find the gypsy camp, and are invited in to spend the night. We asks questions, and we don’t get much more than we already learned from Duncan. Strahd did used to have a brother, and a wife, but she killed herself. Other than that we camp and get ready for the journey to the castle tomorrow.



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