The Wrath of the Righteous

Lady Jenna's Journal 10

March across the Kingdom

So Queen Galfray tells us our next move is to set off across the realm. Why you ask. We have to go find some old artifact that will bring back the will of the people. We say our goodbyes, and yet some people come along that surprise us. Phanesa comes along. As does Horgus and Lann. The queen gives us 100 paladins to go with us as well. So with Lann, Phanesa the paladins and the group we set off.

We travel for a day, gathering food from animals along the way, with our pack train in tow. We travel uneventfully for a while, trying to keep an eye on Phanesa, not sure of her intentions at this point. After a 2 days we are attacked by minions of the demons, small hordes of the inferior types. Poor Aveline as usual winds up standing in the wrong spot. We lose 2 of the paladins through this massive battles, but we slay 100’s of demons in return. And Phanesa’s brother shows up to fight against us, she ducks and hides and doesn’t want him to see her, but she fights well and true during the encounter.

We travel on for another day, and we find an old dwarven temple. We send Lann on ahead with his Mongrelman because they can act as scouts. This is one of the places we are looking for, and we proceed, after Lann comes running back, and finding out one of our, and his have been captured. So we set off as fast as we can.

We approach and find this temple half ruined, and poor Aveline, her life wouldn’t be the same without being in the wrong spot. We get into another large scuffle, with more demons and gargoyles, and this goes ok, except for when we get to the main part. well Lann’s countryman has had a ritual done, and we can not save him. There is nothing to be done.

Finally we detect a great evil coming under the altar. A few in the group feel the need to move the altar. We’ll we wake up and we’re not in Kansas anymore. But that part of the story I’ll save for another chapter in my journal.

Jenna OOC Notes. This was 2 sessions of adventuring, but there was nothing great or extremely funny or worth nothing, so it was time to put a log down to catch up.



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