The Wrath of the Righteous

Donal's Scrapbook

musings & scribbles of a shield dwarf

Well, I guess effort will have to do, when talent won’t.

I’m not really one to think too hard on why stuff matters to me. Thing is, if I’m causing others to jump into the breach with me, I’d better figure it out at some point. Perhaps I can afford to come to some grief, but I cannot ask others to hurt for me. They may be willing to, but they aren’t all like me. Would they want to be? I doubt it, so let’s not go there.

Gods, this philosophical stuff isn’t easy. Beginnings, first.

Ok, things that matter.

I fight to protect those of greater worth to society. Anyone can learn to hit hard and take it on the chin, but it takes a richer mind to preserve the lore of a people.
ii. The lorekeepers are guardians of what matters, as I am a guardian of the keepers. The lore is what makes us great – it inspires us in need, and it make us aim high for the glory of yesteryear, and the new ideas of tomorrow.
iii. Whether carved in stone, told on a stage or played on a harp, the method isn’t as important as the tale and the heart behind it. Still, there’s never going to be a guardian for every tale-spinner and songster, so we need to record the lore. Training our mind to remember these things is important, too. Guess that’s why I’ll be doing the guarding with steel.
iv. We all have our own way of inspiring, and our own tales to tell for future generations. Dwarf or Elf, we are not equal but we are equally worthy, as long as we aim to keep and love. I figure that, end of the day, the Gods care for us doing things the right way, for the right reasons – not whether we speak in Cormanthian rhyme or write in Dethek runes. Does this mean that the Gods that only listen to one race are odd? I guess so. Not what I grew up believing. I’ll have to think about this.

Hmm, dawn is getting closer. I’ll get back to this another day, but for now I need to get the kettle on the fire and the tent packed away. It’s going to be a day of blood and guts. Let’s hope we’ll be there to remember it, when the sun sets again.



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